Always Read The Label (Pt1)

by Cyanide Later

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Part one of Cyanide Later's debut album "Always Read The Label"


released July 19, 2012

Mike McGreal - Lead Vocals/Guitars, James Barratt - Backing vocals/Guitars, Tom Smith - Drums/Percussion, Mike Bridge and Dave Guiney - Bass.

With thanks to: Tom Gittins, Dom Osborne, Andi Chamberlain, Elliot Vaughan, Alex Caithness, Luke Hicks, Colin Usher and anyone else who have helped us create this!



all rights reserved


Cyanide Later Stratford Upon Avon, UK

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Track Name: Monster In Me
Feel the pressure building, feel your wide eyes swell
See your world expanding
It's an optical illusion, that your losing control, your losing it all, you can't stop it now

I can't find any other way,
I can't find any other way,
Can't see gotta find another way
Get out quick, there's no other way so fuck it

Lightning burn my eyes,
Fill this pain inside,
My fortitude has died!
Suffocate my mind,
Kill this deaf and blind,
Monster of my kind

I always did feel that I was different from the rest of society,
Thought that I'd become something better but now, look at me
I've got the obsession,
And the confusion,
Between losing control and losing it all, I can't stop it now

....your ma.
Track Name: RifT
I can see your sight,
it moves to insnare me,
tricks lure me closer than I thought I could ever be.

Temptation flows freely,
feels so right, but wrong,
your imperfection is what I need to get away from this shit.

Getting caught up in your wake,
your slipstream's working against me.

Once the hunter now the hunted,
immaculate my mind,
dependency is a curse,
but I can't break away from these millions of judgemental shits
gotta numb my thoughts and bypass the social critique.

Feel the breeze, sweet release is closer now,
I can see, the end of the road for me.
take your bait and I'm helplessly caught in your net
you can pull me, so far.
you've burnt your bridges.

(this is not a photo opportunity, there's no time for my recovery)

Don't throw me down so fast.

(this is not a photo opportunity, there's no time for my recovery)

I can see your sight,
it moves to insnare me,
tricks lure me closer than I thought I could ever be.
Track Name: Breathe You
Is there anybody out there,
who can say a prayer for me?
I'm tired of living like a blind man,
there's no more colour left to see.
I can't help but feeling,
thing are better off this way.
We all feel jaded sometimes.

I just need somebody like you

I hear you, I breathe you.
I can't help but see the stars around you.
my jealousy won't set you free,
yeah my salvation's so far away.

Is there anybody out there,
who can shine the light for me?
to lift this dark taint taking over,
to free the demons left in me?
I can't help but feel like I'm falling,
deep down I can hear you calling me,
we all feel jaded sometimes.

(your dark taint taking over)
Track Name: A Thousand Faces
She's got a bitter sweet demeanor,
the two faced queen deceiver,
her troubled past precedes her, it's not over yet.

Cos I've seen the devil in her eyes,
its surely just a matter of time?

She's the girl with a thousand faces,
it's a russian roulette for what you'll get today.
For so long, she's walked over everyone,
and you know she's never gonna let you get away.
you're never gonna get away.

She hides behind her timid smile
but all the while solitary thoughts just criticise,
her bedroom eyes stare daggers,
right through your heart.
Track Name: Escapees
Take me out.
I don't mind.
I can't feel,
What you do to me.

Watch the line on the walkway,
take your time its a nice day for a revolution

We're so fast,
we'll leave you stranded.
Don't you learn? It's so easy.
We give more than we take.


(Andi Chamberlain)

"Jack booted solders marching into the ghettos dragging children, women and men from their beds.
Naked, confused and lost, dragged through the cobbled streets into the waiting wagons in the dead of the night.
Destination unknown.
Blindfolded, bruised brutalized.
The fate of so many lost in the night, their tears echo into the morning."


(you'd be better off dead)

Cos we're the escapees,
We get out alive.
With pure will and strength,
We survive.

Cos we're the escapees,
We borrow time,
With pure will and strength.

Cos we're the escapees,
we take our lives.
No grande finales,
we'll survive.